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Block Cell Phone Signal In House

Perfectjammer 2021-11-11

Block Cell Phone Signal In House

It was learned from the Beijing Education Examination Institute that there were 98,940 candidates taking the exam in Beijing in 2014, and the examination institute implemented a safe group examination. In this year's postgraduate examination, 57 examination centers and 2,860 examination rooms were set up in Beijing. Before the test, the Examination Institute requires all test centers and admissions units to conduct security and confidentiality education and pre-job training for all secret-related personnel, and to send discipline inspection personnel to participate in the security of test papers throughout the entire process to ensure a safe and confidential environment for the printing of test questions. During the examination, the examination institute strengthened inspection work of each test center, arranged the inspection organization of the inspection group to check the test sites; unified rented wireless invisible headset detectors, Block Cell Phone Signal In House, wireless signal shielding devices and other equipment, and distributed them to each test center to help the test centers. High-tech means of cheating are used for key attacks to prevent and deter. cell phone jammer

The Beijing Municipal Radio Administration Bureau opened a monitoring station and arranged for monitoring vehicles, monitoring and law enforcement personnel to be dispatched. The Municipal Public Security Bureau’s Cultural Security Corps also mobilized police to assist the test sites to investigate and deal with suspected fraud personnel and installed Block Cell Phone Signal In House to prevent cheating. After the examination, the examination institute intensively completed the scanning of 380,000 answer sheets for the 23 subjects of the unified examination for research and recruitment, and the whole process was monitored by video. Recently, the Examination Institute is making statistics and checking the results of the unified examinations of various colleges and universities. It is expected that from the 25th of this month, the preliminary examination results of various institutions will be announced one after another. The relevant person in charge of the examination institute reminded that candidates should log in to the website of the applicant institution in time to check their own scores. Candidates who disagree with the preliminary test results can submit a written application for review within the time specified by the admissions unit.

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