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Cell Phone Jammer Research Paper

Perfectjammer 2021-10-13

Cell Phone Jammer Research Paper

Millions of candidates will usher in the 2015 National Examination Written Exam. The Yangzhou Personnel Examination Center has recently released the measures for handling violations of discipline and regulations in the National Examination and the "Emergency Plan for the National Examination Examination Room" to provide candidates for common emergencies in the examination room. It is understood that in addition to the installation of "360-degree no dead ends" cameras in all examination rooms this year, Cell Phone Jammer Research Paper is also installed. "There is one in each examination room, and there is no signal when you enter the examination room." Chen Yuezhong, deputy director of the Municipal Personnel Examination Center, told reporters that this is a new way to prevent "high-tech" cheating, which can interfere with radio signals such as mobile phones. In addition, the test During the period, the Municipal Office of Non-Administration will also dispatch a radio monitoring vehicle to conduct mobile monitoring at various test sites. cell phone jammer

According to reports, this year there is also a new weapon in the identification of "identical examination papers" Cell Phone Jammer Research Paper-"examination paper identification system". Experts remind that candidates must hold an ID card and admission ticket for reference, both are indispensable. If you forget to bring your ID card, you should go to the police station to issue a temporary identity certificate with your own photo and affixed official seal, and refer to the temporary identity certificate. Household registration books, passports, driver's licenses, student IDs, etc. cannot replace ID cards.

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