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Easy Diy Cell Phone Jammer

Perfectjammer 2021-11-14

Easy Diy Cell Phone Jammer

The mobile phone signal jammer is a very complex device, and it is not just a piece of cake. Do it yourself Easy Diy Cell Phone Jammer This is not realistic, because it requires a lot of professional equipment, modules, etc. It is better to buy a cheap mobile phone signal jammer directly online, and it can work when you power it up. You can use a small hand-held mobile phone jammer in the dormitory. If you turn it on for an hour at night, your roommates won’t play anymore if they don’t get online. My child played with mobile phones all night and couldn’t manage, so I had to buy a mobile jammer to install on the top of his room’s closet, and install a remote control switch. The remote control was placed on the bedside table in my room. At 11 o’clock in the evening, I clicked on the remote control. His room includes me. There is no signal in his room and lobby. The cell phone signal, data signal, WIFI signal are gone, including the call function. After he fell asleep, he clicked on the remote control to turn off the mobile jammer. He didn't dare to open it too early. Because blocking the signal may cover the neighbors, it will be troublesome to affect others cell phone jammer

If you are sure that it is a telecom, you can see if you can unplug the network port, and then check whether the signal of the telecom mobile phone is weakened under it, and whether the mobile phone can access the Internet. If there is no change, it may be Easy Diy Cell Phone Jammer . If there is a change, it is generally the home antenna of telecommunications. I feel that the latter is more likely. For operators, there is no need to interfere with other people, as long as they make an appointment with the school not to let other operators enter the school to build a station. And if you complain to the Radio Management Committee for interference, you will be punished badly.

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