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Cell Phone Robocall Blocker Free App

Perfectjammer 2021-11-12

Cell Phone Robocall Blocker Free App

As the country's most important examination, the college entrance examination shoulders the responsibility of selecting the pillars for the country, and it has always attracted the attention of the country and society. Although the college entrance examination is strict and the consequences of cheating are very serious, there are always some candidates who are lucky enough to try to take risks and cheat to complete the most important test in life. This news quickly caused heated discussions on the Internet. Many netizens expressed that they did not understand. It is necessary to know that the examination room for the college entrance examination is very strict, and even the braces cannot be brought in. How did this student bring the mobile phone in and complete the photo and What about the upload? 1. How to bring the mobile phone into the examination room? According to the investigation, after entering the entrance of the test center, the candidate hid his mobile phone in thin clothes when he walked into the test room for a security check. In order to avoid the security check, he brought the mobile phone to the test room with his hands high. 2. Why can candidates cheat using mobile phones? In this cheating incident, the invigilators had certain security checks and negligence in their duties. In response to this incident, the Huangpi District Admissions Office stated that a loophole in the mobile phone 5G Cell Phone Robocall Blocker Free App led to the examinee being able to upload test questions on his mobile phone. So the question is, now that the examiner has installed a mobile phone signal jammer for the examination room in the early stage, why can't the 5G signal be shielded? cell phone jammer

3. What is a signal jammer and what does it do? Cell Phone Robocall Blocker Free App , As the name implies, is used to shield cell phone signals. After the signal jammer is installed in the examination room, neither mobile phones nor special radio equipment can play a role in the examination room. This not only prevents candidates from cheating, but also prevents external communication equipment from interfering with candidates. 4. Why did the 5G signal jammer in this examination room not work? An industry insider said, “The frequency band of 5G networks is relatively higher and the current penetration rate is still low. The staff who install mobile jammers are likely to “forget” the 5G signal and fail to effectively shield it. It is also recommended that equipment manufacturers consider more comprehensively when providing signal shielding services for the examination room to avoid similar situations from happening again. At present, major and middle schools are also approaching the high school entrance examination. It is recommended that the majority of schools install 5G mobile phone signal jammers to provide a fairer and fairer examination environment for the majority of candidates. As a signal jammer manufacturer integrating R&D, production and sales, it has previously provided comprehensive and professional signal shielding services for many colleges and universities. The signal shielding range includes 2/3/4/5G and WiFi signal shielding. . In addition to college examination rooms, mobile phone signal jammers can also be used in gas stations, prisons, government agencies and other places that have signal shielding needs. If you have signal shielding needs, please contact us.

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