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Big Block Cell Phone Called Is Not Affected By The Phone

Perfectjammer 2022/01/04

The mobile phone signal jammer uses its own frequency to interfere with the mobile phone to receive the normal frequency from the base station, so that the mobile phone mistakenly thinks that the signal sent by Big Block Cell Phone Called is the signal of the base station, so the mobile phone and the base station lose contact, and the mobile phone cannot be used normally. . The only way to crack is to install a mobile phone signal amplifier to compete with it. When there is a mobile phone amplifier, the signal of the mobile phone will become stronger. At this time, Cell Phone Jammer is difficult to suppress. Legally speaking, it is illegal. I remember that I used to have a cell phone jammer when I was studying, but that was used for every exam. If the school usually uses mobile phone signal jammers, it can only be said that the school does not want students to be affected by mobile phones outside of class. This will not solve the problem at the root, and will lead to various conflicts. In contrast, it is more reasonable for the school to formulate school rules that mobile phones cannot be brought into the school gate.

I work in a technical secondary school. Our school only has a signal jammer installed near the teaching building. It is only used for exams. It is usually closed. It is meaningless for the school to install Big Block Cell Phone Called in the dormitory area. It's fine if the cell phone is not allowed to enter the school gate. There is no need to waste money on installing cell phone jammers. As far as I know, operators who are not tendered by the school cannot enter the school to build base stations, so it may be that the operator you use does not have base stations in the school. You can try to change to another operator in the school. It is also possible that the base station capacity of the operator is not enough or is faulty. When everyone is in the dormitory at night, the network will be dropped in a large area. In this case, you need to call the operator to respond. You may be thinking too much, I am a college student, and the mobile phone in the dormitory can hardly connect to the Internet. One is that the school is out of place, and the other is that the wall of the new building is more shielding than the old one. It may be that there are fewer signal towers near your school, and the dormitory There's just a little more rebar in the walls, so it's a lot better if you stick your phone out of the window or out of the dorm.