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Block Diagram Of Cell Phone Receiver Optimized Communication Network

Perfectjammer 2022-02-16

Compared with the base station, it has the advantages of simple structure, less investment and convenient installation. It can be used to cover blind spots and weak links in difficult situations, improve communication quality, solve problems such as poor signal and wireless communication network optimization. When installing the Cell Phone Jammer , pay attention to the following issues: Select the model. Major Block Diagram Of Cell Phone Receiver, structure and model selection of signal coverage. The signal is too weak, the coverage is incomplete, and the signal is too strong, causing interference to the outdoor signal. Antenna layout. Outdoor directional Yagi antenna, the directional antenna can be guided to the mobile base station to try to send cell phone signal jammers to achieve good reception. Cell phone signal jammer installation. It is usually installed at a distance of more than 2 meters from the ground, and the distance between the antenna alignment pattern and the indoor and outdoor antennas used is shorter (the longer the time, the greater the signal attenuation), so that is the mobile phone signal interference device. Good results.

Answering the mobile phone during the meeting or frequently entering and leaving the conference venue due to answering the mobile phone. In some large conferences, the participants are often people with external unit identities. They are often reluctant to turn off their phones during meetings due to work or personal matters, but they also do not consciously turn off their phones. Turning around and being silent, the phone calls continued in the meeting. Some even made and received cell phone calls directly. They hung up with a little attention, but were disturbed by the call, so they got up and walked outside the venue to make a call. As a result, there was constant noise inside and outside the venue, and it was difficult to maintain order in the venue. How to effectively prevent the theater from abusing mobile phones, ensure order, let normal meetings continue in a quiet and serious atmosphere, and let the audience not be disturbed when watching movies and enjoying dramas, some people really can't consciously set their mobile phones to mute or vibrate , the only way to install a Block Diagram Of Cell Phone Receiversystem in a proper location in a theater is to block cell phone signals by hardware means.