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Perfectjammer 2022/01/02

June 8 is also a good day to get married. In previous years, there would be a wedding team set off firecrackers at 3:18 pm, and this time is the time for the foreign language listening test for the college entrance examination. To ensure quietness, Lu Qisheng said that they would average outside the test center. Arrange a teacher from the fifth to sixth meters to discourage newcomers from adjusting the time, such as 3:28 pm. It is worth mentioning that this year's college entrance examination, Shanghai requires invigilators not to wear loud shoes, and not to apply irritating perfume. When invigilating the exam, the invigilator and the items in the exam room should be kept as static as possible. Do not move around frequently in the examination room. The two invigilators must coordinate the positions of the two invigilators; during the test, if the examinee has no special needs, the invigilator will not look at the student’s test paper; during the test, the doors and windows of the examination room should be the same. In the closed state, if candidates have no special needs, try not to change it at will. Each classroom in Shanghai No. 8 Middle School is equipped with Ceramic Tint Block Cell Phone . The principal, Lu Qisheng, introduced that this year, the safety of the examination room has been strengthened and Cell Phone Jammer equipment has been installed. All examination rooms will be locked after each exam for fully enclosed management.

Yesterday afternoon, the Zaobao reporter saw at a test center in the city center that dozens of test rooms in the school have been set up. All desks in the test room have been posted with test takers’ information and relevant personnel are taking disinfection measures. At around 18 o'clock yesterday, the entire test center was completely closed, waiting for today's college entrance examination. In each examination room, all painted walls and bulletin boards were re-pasted with uniform white paper, and the blackboards were wiped clean. According to the teacher in charge of examinations in the school, there are 25 sets of tables and chairs in each examination room, and the distance between the tables and chairs is 80 cm. Any sundries.” As a standardized examination room, surveillance cameras have already been installed in the school corridors and every examination room. After installing the Ceramic Tint Block Cell Phone device, the examination papers have been under the surveillance of the camera throughout the entire process from entering the gate of the school. The test center also has a spare test room. If the test taker has epidemic symptoms such as chickenpox, fever, gastrointestinal discomfort, etc., the test taker can be treated in the school prepared by the school after the application. If the test taker wishes to continue the test, a written request After applying, you can take the test separately in the alternate test room.