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Cell Phone Scrambler Software

Perfectjammer 2022-01-30

Cell Phone Scrambler Software

The college entrance examination is imminent, the reporter learned yesterday that this year the province's college entrance examination room has added a "new weapon" to prevent cheating. The provincial examination room will be equipped with Cell Phone Scrambler Software for the first time, and there will be no communication signal when entering the examination room. But that doesn't mean mobile phones can be brought into the exam room. Exam room rules have not changed. As in previous years, when a mobile phone is brought into the test room and found, even if it is turned off, it is still considered fraud. As a result, this year's college entrance examination has three major anti-cheating "weapons": cell phone jammer blocks the signal of communication tools; metal detectors are used to detect metal products carried by candidates; identification devices can read the second-generation ID card information. In the 2013 college entrance examination, our city was equipped with more than 600 mobile phone jammers to block all examination rooms. During the test, the Municipal Radio Administration and the Public Security Bureau jointly dispatched 4 radio signal monitoring vehicles and 20 staff members to track and interfere with the radio signals of all test sites in the city.

All along, with the rapid development of mobile phones, it is not uncommon for students to play with mobile phones and affect their life and study. Many teachers who visited the dormitory at night said that they often found that some students were lying in bed using mobile phones to surf the Internet, and some were not in bed at one or two in the middle of the night. Therefore, in order to prevent students from playing mobile phones in the middle of the night and give them a better rest, many schools have to install Cell Phone Scrambler Software in their dormitories. So, like a school exam room, is it enough to put a cell phone jammer in every room? The mobile phone signal jammer installed in the school dormitory is mainly used when students are resting at noon and at night, usually 11:30-1:30 noon and 10:30-2:00 in the morning. Therefore, the mobile phone signal jammer does not need to work alternately 24 hours a day, and the shielding device of the backup adapter of the ordinary power supply can also be selected.

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