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Block Pop Ads On Andriid Cell Phone

Perfectjammer 2022-01-27

Block Pop Ads On Andriid Cell Phone

According to reports, in the city's college entrance examination last year, seven or eight candidates entered the examination room with their mobile phones and forgot to turn them off. As a result, the voice of the phone rang in the examination room. Dean Shen reminded candidates not to bring their mobile phones into the examination room. If you forget to bring your mobile phone into the test room, you must give it to the invigilator before the test starts. Otherwise, once found by the invigilator, it will be punished as a disciplinary violation. In addition, Shanghai has established examination integrity files since last year. Once the candidates violate the rules or break the trust, they will pay a heavy price when they retake the national education examinations such as the general college entrance examination, the adult college entrance examination, the postgraduate examination and the self-study examination. This integrity record will also become an important basis for the school to admit candidates. In order to prevent candidates from cheating in the college entrance examination, admissions offices all over the country have come up with various measures. Block Pop Ads On Andriid Cell Phone Because of its powerful electromagnetic signal interference function, since last year, it has been used by various examination management agencies as a technical means to prevent college entrance examination candidates from cheating. Following the installation in some test centers in Shandong, Heilongjiang, Liaoning and other provinces and cities last year, the admissions offices of Gansu, Nanjing, Jiangsu and other provinces and cities also released news this year, "In order to prevent large-scale fraud in test centers, we plan to install them in each test center. cell phone jammer." .

Due to the widespread use of mobile phones in daily life, there is a demand for mobile phone signals in cities with many high-rise buildings or in vast rural areas. However, the continuous emergence of high-rise buildings in cities has led to signal blocking and blind spots, while rural areas are far away from base stations and have poor signals. Solve the problem of poor signal. 1. Solve the problem of poor signal in the underlying cell. The outdoor street signal is better, and the indoor signal is poor, mainly because the surrounding dense buildings block the signal of the base station. At this time Block Pop Ads On Andriid Cell Phone the outdoor antenna should be installed at a high place with good signal, which can enhance the signal. 2. Solve the problem of poor signal in rural and suburban areas. These areas are prone to weak signal outdoors, and basically no signal indoors. The poor signal is because the base stations in rural and suburban areas are not dense enough, and some places are far away from the base stations, resulting in weak signals.

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