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Blocking Cell Phone Usage

Perfectjammer 2022-01-29

Blocking Cell Phone Usage

Many people study in places like the bus and subway. But some people play mobile games. Make a loud noise. This makes the reader uncomfortable. Violations of etiquette are common in public places such as libraries, cinemas, and hospitals. For example, in a movie theater, if a cell phone rings during a show, it may interfere with the audience watching the movie, causing discomfort or hindering the performance of the show. Ask to turn off cell phones in the lobby. However, it is also possible that a bystander will deliberately fail to comply with this, or forget to turn off the phone without malicious intent. It's hard to ring all the phones in the lobby. If it can emit interference waves of the frequency used by the mobile phone, Blocking Cell Phone Usage will interfere with the communication of the mobile phone, so cell phone jammer must be able to prevent all the mobile phone ringing in the hall from ringing. For the same reason, similar effects can be expected in hospitals where patients need quiet rest.

Yesterday, the students of Qingdao No. 17 Middle School applied for the admission ticket. At that time, my mobile phone was interrupted again, and I couldn't get in or out. The exam was over, and my mobile phone received 89. Yesterday afternoon, I lived in Longkou. Mr. Du from the city called this reporter and said that the school used the Blocking Cell Phone Usage phone to make her mobile phone run out. At 6:30 today, Mr. Du, who lives in Longkou City, called the hotline and said that she lives on campus, and the cell phone signal jammer used for the college exam today affected her normal life. From 8:00 a.m. to early morning, The mobile phone signal of nearby residents is unstable. As soon as the call is connected, it is disconnected, can't get through, can't get in. "Mr. Du said that for this matter, some residents believe that,

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