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Block Robo Calls On Cell Phones

Perfectjammer 2022-01-23

Block Robo Calls On Cell Phones

At present, with the improvement of recording technology and the popularization of recording equipment, more and more criminals use various recording equipment to conduct illegal eavesdropping activities. Block Robo Calls On Cell Phones ​Can effectively solve this problem. With the advent and application of mobile phone signal jammer products, its limitations are gradually exposed, mainly in the single direction, poor penetration effect, and poor shielding in conference rooms. At present, there are many types of anti-eavesdropping devices at home and abroad, but most of them are interfered by white noise. Although this method can achieve the effect of preventing eavesdropping in terms of interference effect, it is also a kind of noise pollution to all parties involved in the conversation. Especially when the conversation is for a long time, it will bring discomfort to people and even affect the health of the person talking. cell phone jammer is a highly integrated high-tech safety protection product independently developed by us. When criminals use recording devices (such as mobile phones, voice recorders, recorders, etc.) to record you, the mobile phone signal jammer will generate random noise signals, which can suppress the voice signal and cause the recording device to pick up the noise. There is only noise information, but the voice information cannot be distinguished, thereby ensuring the security of the voice information.

In the field of recording shielding equipment, there is only one device known to people. This Block Robo Calls On Cell Phones equipment is mainly aimed at outdated tape recorders, as well as a few types of voice recorders, bugs, etc. For the current mainstream recording equipment, mobile phones, digital voice recorders, etc. have no effect or the effect is very poor. To this end, relying on the information security technology accumulated over the years, our company has independently developed mobile phone jammer products to meet the shielding function of mainstream recording equipment such as mobile phones and digital recording pens to protect the safety of users' conversations. The traditional recording shielding technology scheme mainly uses random pulse sequences in a wide frequency range to perform chaotic interference. High-power high-frequency signals cause electromagnetic interference to the recording equipment, so that the input voltage or input current at the front end of the acoustic sensor exceeds the threshold of the acoustic sensor, making it It does not work properly and achieves effective blocking of speech. This method has no noise, but its main disadvantage is that it only interferes well with analog recording equipment, and is basically ineffective for new digital recording equipment. At the same time, high-power wireless electromagnetic signals will generate electromagnetic radiation, which is harmful to the human body when used for a long time.

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