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Cell Phone Scanners Blocked To Prevent Cheating

Perfectjammer 2022/01/06

Before candidates enter the test room, security personnel will use Cell Phone Scanners Blocked to check candidates. This device can detect objects containing metal such as mobile phones. According to the notice released on the official website of the Ministry of Education, the candidate hid his mobile phone in the thin clothes he was holding when he entered the examination room for the security check, raised his hands high to avoid the security check, and brought the mobile phone into the examination room illegally. Therefore, the security personnel are suspected of negligence. In theory, in the presence of multiple invigilators, it is difficult for candidates to complete cheating, and large-scale actions such as taking pictures with mobile phones are easy to detect. According to the report on the official website of the Ministry of Education, the candidate hid his mobile phone under the draft paper to complete the question, and sent it to Xiao Yuan to search for the answer 46 minutes after the start of the test. From a technical point of view, the operation of Cell Phone Jammer is feasible. At present, the screen of most smartphones adopts capacitive touch screen. Its working principle is to use the electrostatic induction of the human body to complete the control. Therefore, a small amount of paper will not operate the mobile phone across the screen. cause an impact. By adjusting the brightness of the phone screen to the highest level, you can see the screen content clearly even through a piece of ordinary A4 paper. Since the scratch paper issued during the college entrance examination is generally thinner, the picture seen through the scratch paper is clearer.

It is very likely that the examinee will pick up the mobile phone through the scratch paper to take a photo, but such an action is definitely unnatural, and the invigilator can easily find it. Therefore, the invigilators are also suspected of negligence. On the surface, this incident is a case of cheating by candidates, but in fact it is also a case of leakage of college entrance examination papers. As we all know, the examination room and the surrounding environment will be shielded during the college entrance examination, but why can the candidate still complete the photo upload? Some experts said that since 5G communication is a new network standard introduced in recent years, some new radio frequency bands will be used, and many old mobile phone jammers do not support blocking 5G signals. Not only that, the anti-interference ability of the 5G signal itself is also relatively strong, Cell Phone Scanners Blocked There is a high probability that the 5G signal will not be successfully interfered. But no matter what the reason, testing the shielding effect before the exam will not cause such a result. In the final analysis, it is due to the negligence of the responsible person. The examinee evaded the security checkers, invigilators and even cell phone jammers, but he did not evade the little monkey search questions. In fact, during the college entrance examination, the online search function of Xiaoyuansouqi has been closed, and even without human intervention, the system cannot search for questions. After the college entrance examination, the staff saw a photo with the candidate's name and barcode in the background data, which was suspected to be the subject of the college entrance examination. After verification, they chose to report the case.