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Cell Phone Rf Signal Blocker Jammer Pouch

Perfectjammer 2021-08-16

Cell Phone Rf Signal Blocker Jammer Pouch

An ordinary Cell Phone Rf Signal Blocker Jammer Pouch will send its own signal to enhance the reception of smart phones and mobile phones. Mobile phone opponents can use mobile phone jammers to send out radio waves to interfere with or block the reception of required GSM radio signals. Some models not only interfere with the mobile phone network, but also the data network (WLAN) and GPS signals. People who hate mobile phones should not rub their hands prematurely. After all, there are paragraphs in German regulations that prohibit the use of mobile phone jammers. cell phone jammer Will send out its own radio waves to interfere with reception.

The Federal Network Agency imposes a fine of up to several thousand euros for illegal use of Cell Phone Rf Signal Blocker Jammer Pouch . In addition, such equipment will be confiscated. Interfering with radio signals through Handyjammer can not only cover the target device, but also interrupt important communication options. In particular, anyone who uses a transmitter to interfere with emergency calls, fight crime, or other security aspects may face huge fines. In addition, it is illegal to buy jammers in this country, because many of these devices can not only manipulate cell phone signals, but also the alarm system.

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