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Cell Phone Jammer Wiki

Perfectjammer 2021-08-15

Cell Phone Jammer Wiki

At this time, many people may seriously consider buying a Cell Phone Jammer Wiki , which can interrupt nearby cell phone calls with the push of a button. There is such a device. So-called cellular disablers, cell phone signal jammers or cell phone signal jammers can mainly be found in the online stores of special suppliers of non-daily technologies, such as cell phone jammer Miniature camera, directional microphone or bug.

However, Germany does not allow the use of interfering devices-the Federal Network Agency, which oversees the German telephone market, refused to approve it. "A mobile phone jammer is a jamming transmitter," the authorities said: "According to the German Telecommunications Act, such a device can neither obtain a frequency allocation nor a device license." In fact, Cell Phone Jammer Wiki device may have a negative impact. In addition to the necessary transmission power and related radiation, cell phone jammers are also designed to completely disrupt nearby mobile networks. For example, if a movie theater, theater, or church needs technical assistance to achieve the required quietness, the doctor on call in the room will no longer be reachable by mobile phone.

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