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Hj-3A Gps And Cdma Gsm Cell Phone Jammer

Perfectjammer 2021-08-10

Hj-3A Gps And Cdma Gsm Cell Phone Jammer

Anyone who wants to use frequency in Germany needs to be allocated. Hj-3A Gps And Cdma Gsm Cell Phone Jammer Will send out radio waves to interfere with reception. According to the Telecommunications Law, allocation is therefore required. Therefore: it is forbidden to buy cell phone jammers. You can make a cell phone jammer, but you can't use it. If you still want to use a cell phone jammer, you must contact the Federal Network Agency. If unreported equipment is found, it will be confiscated and even imposed a fine of 1,000 euros. cell phone jammer It can also interfere with emergency calls. This may result in higher fines.

From the perspective of the Ministry of Education, the data protection law allows the use of devices that scan a specific frequency range and only indicate that there are connected mobile devices in the room without a specific location, because no personal data is processed. However, the question is whether the use of such equipment is reasonable or useful and therefore necessary. In public schools in Baden-Württemberg, due to special regulations that apply to mobile phones, even carrying a mobile phone with you is a deception. Since the influence of this Hj-3A Gps And Cdma Gsm Cell Phone Jammer device can easily be bypassed, for example, if the mobile phone is switched to airplane mode, the scanner will not be able to perform its function under inspection. In this case, the frequency meter cannot detect the device; but it will still be carried illegally, which in turn is a deception.

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