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Perfectjammer 2021/11/07

Skinny watches and modified cheating headsets can both penetrate the electronic shielding of the college entrance examination. If you spend about 20,000 yuan to avoid the metal detector, you can buy the answers made by the gunman on the spot and ensure that the score reaches the ordinary undergraduate level. The annual college entrance examination , There are always some people who consider using improper means of wrestling to win their future destiny. From the electronic scanning of candidates’ photos to the installation of electronic Block Robocalls To Cell Phone commonly known as "electronic dogs" in each examination room, the regulatory authorities are working hard to increase the prevention of cheating in the exams. However, driven by high profits, professional cheaters have gradually upgraded their methods. Several “high-tech” devices that can evade detection by “electronic dogs” have also begun to be sold quietly in Changchun. This reporter revealed through unannounced visits. Open the cheating machine to avoid the secret of electronic jammers, and further discovered the black economic chain behind the college entrance examination. cell phone jammer

As the college entrance examination approached, in the online chat room, a man serving as a "professional exam" began to use the Internet to sell various college entrance examination cheating equipment and answers to the college entrance examination, and declared in the information that his company had a new "skinny watch" that could be used. Avoiding the metal detector in the examination room, candidates can enter the examination room smoothly by wearing it, and can receive the answers they send in an hour. "The test taker only needs to wear a watch. During the exam, stick a prominent place of the watch to the ear bone, and you can hear a very clear sound. Be sure to wear the watch backwards." After passing continuous trials, The seller named "Exam Company" told reporters that he was in Changchun. If the reporter is interested, he can make an appointment to "see the new Block Robocalls To Cell Phone device". "Now other equipment can't be used. There is metal detection equipment in the examination room. It can be found that our set of equipment is 1,800 yuan." It was also after trying every means to get this latest machine in the hands of others.