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Block Unwanted Calls My Cell Phone Generates A Shielding Magnetic Field

Perfectjammer 2022-02-19

Block Unwanted Calls My Cell Phone It has become the standard testing equipment in the examination room, such as high school entrance examination, postgraduate examination, civil service examination and various qualification certification examinations. Through signal shielding, candidates can communicate with the outside world through wireless signals (mobile phones) to prevent cheating in the examination room. Its working principle is for the upper and lower channels of the mobile phone system, using frequency multiplication, frequency division filtering and other technologies to analyze the required shielding frequency, customize the shielding gap according to the shielding power, and automatically pass the mobile phone receiving station and wireless in the specified frequency band. The frequency of the router creates a shielding magnetic field. Generally speaking, if the test room uses Cell Phone Jammer , it is generally recommended to have one per room. This type of equipment has less power and does not require waterproof and rainproof equipment.

Due to the large shielding range of outdoor mobile phone signals, the shielding distance can reach several hundred meters. Generally, when the overall building needs to be shaded, the shade is used outdoors. For such distant areas, reaching the proper distance requires using Block Unwanted Calls My Cell Phone more than the required power. Therefore, for occasions with a large outdoor area, it is recommended to use high-power outdoor shielding, and the casing can be waterproof and rainproof. If the equipment is not shielded, a shielding rain cover is required. Therefore, the 5G mobile phone signal jammer should be installed in a well-ventilated place, the antenna installation should try to avoid blocking large objects, and the antenna should face the building that needs to be blocked. The shielding distance of a cell phone jammer is related to the environmental conditions at the time, such as the distance from the base station, and whether there are signal isotopes around. The installation and use of 5G mobile phone signal jammers should fully consider this factor to avoid dead corners of shielding and affect the shielding effect.