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Cpr Call Blocker For Cell Phones

Perfectjammer 2021/12/27

Yesterday, Miss Duan, who was invited to a meeting in a five-star hotel by a certain industry association, found that the mobile phone became a "dumb" as soon as she entered the venue. Ms. Duan didn't open the meeting, so she kept going out to send and receive text messages. "Because our unit requires 24 hours to turn on, in case the company can't find it, the bonus will be deducted." Later, Miss Duan was asked by others to find out that the mobile phone strike was caused by an antenna device the size of a music stand- Cpr Call Blocker For Cell Phones , It doesn't work at all on the phone. "I think this is quite inappropriate. Cell Phone Jammer will block all signals. In case of an accident at the venue, there will be no way to even call the police.

Since the second half of 2003, we have often received complaints from mobile phone users who said that there were signals in some places but they could not make calls. After our on-site inspections, we discovered that some companies or agencies are using this Cpr Call Blocker For Cell Phones . "The relevant person in charge of Beijing Mobile Communications Company confirmed yesterday that this phenomenon is relatively common. A person from the marketing department of Beijing Unicom also said that this situation is very common in Beijing in the recent period. The occurrence of the incident. "According to reporters, this kind of mobile phone jammer is generally only the size of a radio. Put it under a table and few people will find it. However, this kind of equipment is very powerful. The two operators said that users have complained a lot about this, and they have a lot of hacks about this. "We are really worried that with the proliferation of this kind of equipment, the public's legal communication rights will be worsened. More and more violations. "Yesterday the reporter called several star-rated hotels as a company renting the venue. They all said that although they did not provide related equipment, they did not object to companies bringing their mobile phone signal jammers into the venue.