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Why need a WiFi jammer?

Basic Information WiFi Jammers

WiFi jammer are available cheaply and work by interrupting the frequency on which a signal is transmitted.

Daily Jamming Application

One of Britain's top cops has come up with an unconventional solution for dealing with pesky teenage hackers: Make them wear portable Wi-Fi jammers. I have to say, this is a creative and effective idea

Young people caught doing something bad might soon have to face a terror worse than prison -- a wearable wireless signals jammer that blocks all modern fun and sends them back to the 1980s. Also of note - if they block WiFi only then the kids can get 3/4G - and if they go for a blanket radio jamming then they're potentially blocking emergency calls from a mobile.

People who commit cyber-crime should be forced to wear WiFi blocker to prevent them using the internet, rather than being sent to prison, a senior police leader has suggested. While traditional crime is falling, computer based offences, including fraud, the sharing and viewing of indecent images and social media abuse, are soaring and now account for 40 per cent of all crime in the UK.

But one senior officer has said sending such people to prison is not appropriate or effective and we need to find new ways to punish cyber-criminals. Chief Superintendent Gavin Thomas, who is the president of the Police Superintendents’ Association, has suggested using technology to deprive offenders of access to the internet. He said convicted criminals could be fitted with electronic jammers around their wrists or ankles which blocked WiFi signals and prevented them from going online. He said for many young people, being deprived of access to their smartphone or computer, would be an extremely effective punishment.

Plus I don’t know how the jammer works, but if it kills the signal of any device within range, that kid is now a leper amongst his friends. Probably will be shunned to the farthest corners of the Earth by his peers. Crimes may actually be committed against the kid with the jammer because he killed someone’s signal. Completely turning the tables on criminals. Sure you may get your face or your ass pounded in prison. And you can’t use the internet in jail either. But at least you aren’t wearing a modern day scarlet letter in the clink. If this idea doesn’t cut into the crime rate, nothing will.

The measure will soon be implemented in the UK. By then, cybercrime should be controlled to a certain extent.

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