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The important role of drone jammers

About the drone and why to jammer the drone?

Drones can be fun to fly, but they're also a headache for security. Drones are flying spies, poking their nose in sensitive areas, and there are rising concerns they could be used as flying improvised explosive devices (IEDs.)

Small, nimble, and fast, drones are hard to shoot down. Even then, shooting at a drone with a weapon presents a problem—missed shots can endanger the public.

How jamming drone?

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The system detects the general direction of the Drone, and transmits a specific beam directly to the Drone. At this point the drone will drift away and lose communication with its operator.

However, some states are proposing legislation, like in California, that would allow firefighters and authorities to take down drones if they are interfering with an emergency situation like a wildfire. Blocking approach paths to airports, hovering over fires, and flying over freeways could be considered instances where those drones can be shot down. However, whether or not officials would legally be allowed to use a radio jammer like the Pefectjammer drone jammers remains unclear.

A CIA official who spoke with the Associated Press on the condition of anonymity says the Secret Service is looking at signal jamming. The source noted that service members flew drones in the wee hours of the morning, from 1 a.m. to 4 a.m, and then likely used anti-drone countermeasures against their own vehicles to see if jamming worked.

The AP suggests that the tests were done so early so as to minimize any unintended effects on nearby electronics. Remote controls for drones use radio waves just like WiFi does, and jamming the GPS signal for a drone could also jam the GPS signal for nearby cell phones. The jamming technology the Secret Service utilized most likely isn't that revolutionary, as personal anti-drone jammers already exist. But, in any case, will anti-uav jamming devices be the main equipment in future battlefields

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