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Why Choose Jamming Equipment?

First of all, we have to understand the principle of interference. The objective of a jammer is to avoid intellegible wireless radio communication, it is done by transmitting signals, (wich maybe just sine waves covering the objective band or random signals which cover the objective frequency) with a power greater than the objective transmitter power.

Communications jamming is usually aimed at radio signals to disrupt control of a battle. A transmitter, tuned to the same frequency as the opponents' receiving equipment and with the same type of modulation, can, with enough power, override any signal at the receiver. Digital wireless jamming for signals such as Bluetooth and WiFi is possible with very low power.

As for the interference of drones, when a remote control signal is interfered with, drones will often enter into their safety protocols, which usually includes one of three options. It will either hover in place until the pilot can regain a control link, attempt to land so the pilot can recover it physically, or try to return to its point of origin. Since the jammers is mentioned to be attacking the GPS signal as well, the likely scenario is that the device will hover for a while or try to land.

Why Need A High Power Jammers

The jammer's power determines the range of interference, so when you have to interfere or interfere with UAVs remotely, it is important that the range of interference is large enough.jammers generally have a range of 100-1500 meters of interference, whether you are a long-range interference signal or against the UAV, have a large enough range.

On a legal standpoint, the signal blockers seems to be in a grey area. So your can buy the blocker, it can jamming including devices that interfere with cellular and Personal Communication Services (PCS), police radar, Global Positioning Systems (GPS), and wireless networking services (Wi-Fi).

In general,jammers are more likely to shoot down high-altitude drones.

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