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Audio Recorder On Cell Phone Blocker Prevent Cheating

Perfectjammer 2022/01/17

For this kind of cheating, the society generally expresses its contempt. After hearing the news, a doctor from Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital said: "The cheating methods are really high now. Are the results in this test useful?" . Some people defended: "Cheating is wrong, but in fact some people are forced to do nothing." A senior student from a university in Nanjing who had the idea of ​​cheating confessed to reporters that Audio Recorder On Cell Phone Blocker was installed in the exam venue, "Dare to cheat. The risk is nothing more than wanting to get good grades in exams, get more certificates, and gain more leverage for finding a job in the future. Now many units recruit people without looking at anything else, just look at 'more certificates' and 'less certificates', you say we can not Do you want to take the test?" The vice-chairman of the Student Union of the School of Journalism and Communication of Nanjing Normal University has passed CET 6, but in order to obtain a better score, even if there are multiple signal blocks of Cell Phone Jammer , she said that she is planning to take the test again. She said: "Although the fourth and sixth grades have nothing to do with obtaining a degree, but if you do well in the test, parents will ask, the classmates will compare, and the most important thing is that the employer will set a threshold when looking for a job, so everyone tries their best to take the test. If you have good grades, take the exam several times to get the highest score, and if you have poor grades, you have to pass it, and many people will naturally think of a crooked idea." In fact, it is not only the fourth and sixth grades that make students take risks. During the investigation, the reporter found that there is more or less cheating in several popular exams that college students love most, such as computer grade tests and translation.

Regarding the phenomenon of cheating, education experts believe that this is a personal integrity issue involving college students, and it is not a trivial matter. The relevant departments should seriously investigate and deal with them and educate them in time. At the same time, some experts pointed out that a large number of college students cheating explained that the reasons for repeated cheating are also worth pondering. Du Wendong, a professor at Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, believes that now, including employers, the whole society evaluates college students in a single way. Many units only pass a transcript and several certificates, especially the results of the CET-4 and CET-6 tests. The comprehensive quality of famous university graduates is obviously not reasonable. Audio Recorder On Cell Phone Blocker Although some electronic devices can be blocked, Zhu Lin and other college students also believe that such evaluation methods are unscientific and fair. She said: "As far as the CET-4 and CET-6 tests are concerned, there is no assessment of the spoken language items, which leads to the fact that although many students have high scores in the written test, they will inevitably end up in the dilemma of 'dumb English'. Get good talents." Some experts suggested that we should seek solutions from the system and reform the single talent evaluation system. Employers should establish a sense of comprehensive evaluation of graduates to prevent the simplification of only superficial results. At the same time, the strength of institutions such as the talent market should also be integrated, and a more reasonable talent evaluation system should be established.