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Cell Phone Jammer Nyc

Perfectjammer 2021-10-12

Cell Phone Jammer Nyc

Press the lock button and the lights flashed, do you feel that you saw the car door locked? Is it really locked? not necessarily! At this moment, someone not far away may use the Cell Phone Jammer Nyc instrument to interfere with your lock of the car and steal valuables from the car. Yesterday, Dongxihu police detained two thieves. They confessed that they had stolen nearly 100,000 yuan from multiple car owners in 20 days. He, 28, is from Xiangyang City, Hubei Province. In June of this year, He found a 24-year-old fellow, Wang, and wanted to do something. On August 7, Wang took out a black square instrument with two antennas, “This is a mobile phone signal jammer I bought from the Internet. It can interfere with the owner's remote lock door. When the owner leaves, we get in the car to get things. "The two immediately divided the work: Wang was responsible for blocking the owner's remote lock door and watching the wind, and He got into the car and stole the belongings on the car. cell phone jammer

At about 4 pm on August 9, the two were looking for the target of the crime in Optics Valley Plaza. At this time, a black car came and parked on the side of the road. A man and a woman just got out of the car. Wang immediately pressed Cell Phone Jammer Nyc. The car's lights flashed, and the owner turned and left. He then stepped forward to open the door and stole a wallet containing 2,600 yuan in cash in the storage bin in front of the co-pilot. According to police statistics, since August, He and Wang have stolen high-end cigarettes, liquor, red wine, and high-end watches in parking lots such as Hongshan Square, Zhongnan Road, Fanhu, Changqing Garden, Guangbutun and Jiyu Bridge. , Apple mobile phones, jade, gold and platinum diamond rings and other properties, worth nearly 100,000 yuan. The police reminded: car owners should not put cash, mobile phones and other valuables in the car, and try to choose a regular parking lot to park.

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