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Cell Phone Jammer Pakistan

Perfectjammer 2021-10-10

Cell Phone Jammer Pakistan

Because mobile phones are widely used in daily life, there is a demand for mobile phone signals in cities with high-rise buildings or in vast rural areas. However, the continuous emergence of high-rise buildings in cities has caused signal blocking to form blind areas, and the distance from the base station in rural areas makes the signal poor. To solve the problem of poor signal. 1. Solve the problem of poor signal in the underlying cell. Outdoor streets have better signals, but indoor signals are poor, mainly because the surrounding dense buildings block the signal of the base station. At this time, the outdoor antenna of Cell Phone Jammer Pakistan should be installed at a high place with better signal, which can achieve the effect of enhancing the signal. 2. Solve the problem of poor signal in rural and suburban areas. These areas are prone to have weak signals outdoors, and there is basically no signal indoors. The poor signal is because the base stations in rural and suburban areas are not dense enough, and some places are far away from base stations, resulting in weak signals. cell phone jammer At this time, you can choose a mobile phone signal jammer with a strong receiving signal, and the outdoor receiving antenna can be installed to enhance the signal.

3. Solve the problem of poor signal in large factories and villas. Outdoor streets have good signals, but there is basically no indoor signals. The poor signal is due to the fact that the reinforced concrete in the rooms of villas and factories is difficult to pass through by mobile phone signals with a frequency of about 900Mhz and is blocked. . At this time, as long as the outdoor antenna of Cell Phone Jammer Pakistan is installed in the outdoor with better signal, the signal will be received normally. 4. Solve the problem of high-level signal difference. The high-level can receive signals from several nearby base stations, but because there is no block, the signal strength is similar, so the mobile phone will frequently switch between several base stations, and the signal will be unstable. Condition. At this time, the outdoor antenna of the mobile phone signal jammer should be installed on the low level with stable signal, so that the mobile phone can receive strong signals and avoid frequent switching of base stations.

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