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Signal WiFi 2.4G 2400-2450MHz Jammers

Wi-Fi is a system for connecting to the Internet without using cables. For this, it emits signals called WLAN, which are electromagnetic waves. These waves have a frequency of 2400 MHz , almost that of microwaves (2450 MHz). WiFi signal is a wireless signal which is used frequently in recent years, and it is gradually changing people's life style

The electromagnetic waves emitted by Wi-Fi have a frequency of 2400 MHz. This frequency causes the stirring of water molecules: this is how microwave ovens work by "agitating" the water molecules contained in food at such a rate that they heat up. However, the body of an adult is 65% water, and that of a child contains 75% water, mainly in the brain. The waves emitted by the Wi-Fi thus generate a heat penetration inside the skull. As a result, it's scary. Maybe you still have wi-fi around you when you're resting. Not only will this affect your normal sleep, it will also affect your health. That's why you need a WiFi Jammer. You can turn on the device while you are sleeping, and ensure that the surrounding WiFi wave does not interfere with you.

WiFi Jammers By Frequency