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Does An Cover Block Cell Phone Affect The Normal Working Of The Device?

Perfectjammer 2022/04/10

When a cell phone battery is activated, an electrical spark with enough energy to cause a slight spark can start a fire when the bell rings. In the safety-related section, it is clearly stated that the use of mobile phones should be prohibited at gas stations. It's been a long time since it was launched, but the implementation is not in good shape right now. Cell Phone Jammer devices at the gas station are controlled by computers. The cell phone signal will affect the normal operation of the device, resulting in the prohibition of metering. What's more, mobile phones can spark during dialing, which can easily start a fire and cause a gas station to burst. Adding Does An Cover Block Cell Phone to a gas station can avoid some tragedies. Therefore, a gas station classified as a fire-resistant site not only prohibits the use of mobile phones in the station, but also prohibits the use of mobile phones within two or three meters around the gas station. At the same time, gas stations should set up striking signs, stop calling mobile phones, and widely publicize safety common sense.

The emergence of mobile communication has promoted the development of global communication and information technology. However, different technical systems and standards have brought great inconvenience to mobile communication users. At the same time, it also hinders the balanced development of the industry and affects the common development of the global information and communication industry. progress. As we all know, one of ITU's tasks is to develop technical standards. The aim is to make it easier for countries around the world to promote the benefits of communication and information technology. The biggest difference is the so-called "standardization divide," which is one of the main reasons for the long-standing digital divide. Many lawbreakers ignore national laws and sell Does An Cover Block Cell Phone in private to prevent national informatization.