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Will Rfid Blocker Block Phone Prevent Suspects from Murdering

Perfectjammer 2022/04/09

In the information age, communication technology has rapidly become a development trend, and mobile phones have become an indispensable key special tool in everyone's daily work and life. However, the widespread use of mobile phones has also brought some problems that cannot be ignored, mainly: the development trend of scientific and technological progress, the correct positioning of mobile phones, and tracking and monitoring have become the most important means of reconnaissance in the world and sources of security. Therefore, if you just need to take your phone to a hidden place, whether it's an app or not, just dormant, there's a high chance that it will leak, posing a serious threat to businesses or individuals, and even to the ruling party and our country. With the increasing popularity of mobile phones, the natural environment of application conference halls, courts, public libraries, universities and other places is changing rapidly. The noise from mobile phones disrupted the quiet, serious atmosphere of the venue and jeopardized everything working properly. The use of mobile phones in gas stations, gas stations, oil and gas fields, petrochemical plants, etc. will cause fire accidents or explosions, and the adverse effects will be very serious. Some exploiters use mobile phones to defraud, and some terrorists and hostiles also use mobile phones to detonate time bombs... Objective facts show that in some places, mobile phones have become a special tool for criminal suspects to commit crimes, bringing stability to the society. unfavorable damage. The Will Rfid Blocker Bag Block Cell Phone developed by our company can handle the above problems reasonably. As a new type of network information security product, it uses special electromagnetic induction data signals to generate power grids at sites that must be maintained, so that the mobile phone cannot receive the data information of the communication base station, cannot contact the communication base station, and then clear the mobile phone. Adverse effects, there are safety precautions.

This year's college entrance examination, Wuhan invested more than 700,000 yuan for the first time to purchase 2,400 mobile phone shields for use in all test rooms in Wuhan to prevent high-tech cheating. Yesterday, 17 departments in Wuhan checked the preparations for the college entrance examination at Yucai Middle School. The reporter was able to witness the true face of the mobile phone jammer in advance. The scientific name of the mobile phone jammer is "full function Will Rfid Blocker Bag Block Cell Phone ". The mobile phone jammer can automatically form a wireless signal shield, making the mobile phone within a certain range unavailable, thus effectively preventing candidates from cheating on the mobile phone. From the appearance, the Cell Phone Jammer is about the size of a book, and you can start working by pulling out a cable and connecting it to the power supply. The operation is very simple. Since the specified installation height is 1.2 to 1.5 meters, the mobile phone shield will be hung on the edge of the blackboard of the college entrance examination. According to the testers, these mobile phone shielding devices were purchased from Beijing at a price of 500 yuan each.