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Call Block Code Att Cell Phone Block Radio

Perfectjammer 2022/04/10

On December 10, our bureau dispatched personnel to the incident site together with the personnel of the city mobile company. After on-site investigation and testing, we finally found Call Block Code Att Cell Phone in the production workshop of Junji Industrial. The switch test further confirmed that Junji Industrial's production workshop installed and used mobile phone signal jammers without authorization, causing interference to the public mobile communication network. The staff of our bureau pointed out on the spot that his behavior violated the relevant regulations of radio management and asked him to dismantle the Cell Phone Jammer immediately. At the same time, he reported to the Xinfeng County Radio Coordination Office, requesting to do a good job in relevant coordination and processing. According to the staff, in order to prevent workers from playing with mobile phones during the production process and affecting production safety, mobile phone signal jammers have been installed in the workshop.

The rapid development of smartphone networks has a greater impact on the speed of the development trend. Cell phones can handle network issues. Mobile phones have a more important impact on our daily life, mobile communication technology and mobile Internet. It is also because of this that there are many problems, especially on the Internet, children are addicted to Internet technology, mainly because of the Internet. However, many are slowly installing Call Block Code Att Cell Phone mechanical devices to shield the network and facilitate the manipulation of the baby's time. Although the Internet is convenient for everyone to browse Internet technology, the problems brought by it cannot be ignored. It's not just a matter of surfing the web, it's also a matter of internet security. In order to better maintain a well-maintained cyberspace, such desktop cell phone jammers are gradually being installed in many regions.