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Cell Phones Scramble Brain Waves

Perfectjammer 2022-02-02

Cell Phones Scramble Brain Waves

For the uplink and downlink channels of the mobile phone system, techniques such as frequency multiplication, frequency division, and frequency hopping filtering are used to analyze the required shielding frequency; a spherical shielding space is customized according to Cell Phones Scramble Brain Wavespower size to make the mobile phones in this space invalid. This mobile phone jammer can be widely used in professional confidential places, professional flammable and explosive places, professional operation places, etc. to disable mobile phones. When the cell phone jammer is in working state, the function of sending and receiving mobile phones can be disabled within the specified range, and cannot dial out or dial in, so as to achieve the purpose of compulsory prohibition. Party committees (ministerial, provincial, autonomous region, municipal, prefectural, county) government departments, important conference rooms, military combat agencies, staff rooms, confidential rooms, gas stations, gas stations, oil fields, oil depots, refineries, petrochemical bases, Chemical warehouses, hospitals (including operating rooms, CT rooms, intensive care units, and outpatient clinics), courts, prisons (including pre-trial rooms), public security video conference rooms, public security confidential fax rooms, examination rooms, classrooms, bidding venues, memorial halls, Museums, TV stations, studios, recording studios, theaters/concert halls, financial institutions, high-end hotel banquet halls, public places where loud noises are prohibited, Civil Aviation Administration, etc.

The annual national judicial examination will be held nationwide from September 11 to 12. After two procedures of online registration and on-site confirmation, a total of 2,704 Hainanese entered the 91 examination rooms of Hainan Vocational College of Political Science and Law to take the exam. In order to strictly prevent cheating on the broadcast, the national judicial examination organized by Hainan used the Cell Phones Scramble Brain Waves for the first time this year to target cheating. On the morning of the 11th, Fu Yuelan, Vice Governor of Hainan Provincial Government, made a special trip to the judicial examination base - Hainan Vocational College of Political Science and Law for inspection. It has been 9 years since the implementation of the national unified judicial examination system, and it is called "China's first examination" because of its low pass rate. Hainan successfully completed the organization and implementation of 8 examinations. In the past 8 years, a total of 15,387 people signed up for the exam, and 13,423 people actually referenced. The average pass rate was 15.7%, and 2,037 people obtained legal professional qualification certificates. According to Li Jinghai, deputy director of the Provincial Department of Justice, the number of people applying for the national judicial examination in Hainan has been increasing year by year, and there have been 8 years of successful experience in organizing and implementing the national judicial examination. Some practices are still at the forefront of the country. For example, Hainan took the lead in implementing safety inspections in the country. channels, and the similarity rate of the test papers is always zero, which has been fully affirmed by the Ministry of Justice.

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