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Fcc Cell Phone Jammer Permit

Perfectjammer 2021-10-9

Fcc Cell Phone Jammer Permit

The key to mobile phone signal jammers is to deal with various examination venues, colleges, gas stations, main churches, courts, public libraries, international conference centers (rooms), cinemas, hospital outpatient clinics, government departments, financial industries, prison cells, public security agencies, Places where the use of mobile phones is strictly prohibited, such as important national defense sites. According to statistics, the Fcc Cell Phone Jammer Permit on the market today can limit mobile phone data signals 500M meters away from the transmission tower. The radius of the data signal shielding can be adjusted by itself, and the coverage area is above 30 square meters, and the output power of the mobile phone jammer is generally 12W-480W. Can cell phone jammers block Wi-Fi numbers?mobile phone signal jammers can not only shield mobile phone data signals, but also properly shield Wi-Fi signals, GPS data signals, and Beidou satellite signals. cell phone jammer Among them, because the output power of Wi-Fi and WLAN data signals is in the range of 2.4GHZ or 5.8GHZ, if Wi-Fi signals must be shielded, it is recommended that you buy a powerful "Texin Electronic Device" SYT-G2100 portable 8-way Mobile phone signal jammer.

The mobile phone jammer passes to the low-end power of the wireless channel to the high-end scanner at a certain rate during the operation. The scanner rate can produce error codes in the message format data signal received by the mobile phone, and the mobile phone cannot check the regular data information sent from the communication base station, so that the mobile phone cannot establish a connection with the communication base station. The mobile phone is mainly manifested in the search network, the mobile phone signal is not good, and there is no service system. Portable Fcc Cell Phone Jammer Permit is the use of imported IC, independent research and development, especially for some unique small venues in the world that must be safe and confidential, such as customs offices, reception halls, mobile cars, mobile political and business dignitaries to defend on the spot Etc., according to the specific conditions of mobile communication technology in various countries in the world, new technology products are carefully developed, which can block GSM/CDMA/DCS/PHS/PCS/3G mobile phone data within the range of 0.5-15 meters (usually about 5-80 square meters). Signal (improved ability to shield Wi-Fi signals, GPS data signals, Beidou satellite signals), make it impossible for mobile phones in the area to get and connect, and it is not easy to affect other electronic products in the natural environment. When the mobile phone avoids the shielding Category, you can restore the application.

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