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Cell Phone Jammer Kit Ebay

Perfectjammer 2021-10-6

Cell Phone Jammer Kit Ebay

The components of signal jammers generally include: servers, wireless antennas, and adapters. When in equipment Cell Phone Jammer Kit Ebay , because there is a strong electromagnetic field of data signal within a certain distance between the server and the wireless antenna (generally 20-30 cm), at the same time there is electromagnetic field intrusion near the 220V power plug (weak current) (generally 5-10 cm) , Therefore, how to place the device orientation of each component is very important, the placement direction is wrong, cell phone jammer It is very likely that the transmission of the shielded data signal will be disturbed and the shielding effect will be compromised. The standard equipment interval for each part of the mobile phone screen is:

The adapter should avoid the server 20cm above; (If Cell Phone Jammer Kit Ebay is in the equipment, due to the natural environment of the equipment, it is not guaranteed to avoid the switching power supply. The adapter can be placed under the mobile phone jammer server. After adopting this method, The adapter will still suffer from some intrusion from the magnetic field of the mobile phone jammer server, which is less intrusive than if the adapter is placed close to both sides of the server.) There is no weak circuit line within 20cm of the wireless antenna, including the wireless antenna. On the upper and lower sides, above the wireless antenna, the weak electric wires of the embedded parts of the wall body in the direction of the wireless antenna, etc., if it cannot be avoided, please try not to be within 10cm of the wireless antenna)

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