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Gps Jammer Cell Phone

Perfectjammer 2021-10-8

Gps Jammer Cell Phone

Custody is detained in accordance with regulations. The governing body led by the detainee. For criminals who are not convenient to be sent to the scene for execution, if the criminal is sentenced to one year in prison, or the remaining sentence does not exceed one year, the detention center will also control them. The daily tasks of detention facilities are to carry out armed warning and surveillance of detainees in accordance with the law to ensure their safety; conduct cultural education on offenders; manage the daily life and environmental hygiene of offenders; and ensure investigations. The prosecution and trial proceeded smoothly. In order to better adapt to the needs of the new normal, enhance the high-tech protection capabilities of the detention centers, enhance the high-tech management capabilities of the detention centers, promote the infrastructure construction of intelligent detention centers, promote the trend of harmonious and stable development of the detention centers, and continue to upgrade the detention centers The level of intelligence in the work must be scientifically researched and reasonably adjusted and prevented from the mobile phone data signals in the residence to avoid the security risks caused by illegal use of mobile phones. But the installation of the detention center Gps Jammer Cell Phone There are generally three major misconceptions. Let’s take a look at the security misconceptions of mobile phone jammers in detention centers. cell phone jammer

Misconception 1: The greater the output power, the better. Server frequency output is not accurate. Frequency changes. Gps Jammer Cell Phone Network bandwidth is too wide, output power consumption, affect the communication base station; simple frequency offset output power suppression method shielding high efficiency is not high, and the radiation source is relatively large; the output power is falsely high. Exaggerated propaganda planning, allowable output power loss Use value; output power is basic, technicality is standby. Rugged output power is not as good as finding a good way and method; Misconception 2: Choosing a directional antenna can prevent the impact. The directional antenna also has a certain transmission and reception sensitivity outside the specified angle, which is only much lower than the main lobe, and is not a complete specification; reflective residential buildings will still have an opening effect; server frequency changes will seriously harm the communication base station and cause external Open influence; TD all-day shielding effect is bound to exist.

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