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Block Voice Mail On Cell Phone

Perfectjammer 2021-11-17

Block Voice Mail On Cell Phone

In order to protect the vital interests of the majority of candidates, Block Voice Mail On Cell Phone is a weapon in the college entrance examination examination room. Like other important exams, the use of mobile phone jammers is also highly valued in the college entrance examination examination room, so many misunderstandings in use must be paid attention to. So what are the mistakes we have in the process of using it? The test panel signal monitor will have different effective shielding ranges in different places of use. This is closely related to the field strength of the signal. Different types of mobile phones may not have the same shielding range on the same site, so the selection should be based on the actual situation. Factors that affect the shielding range include, but are not limited to, distance, direction, obstacle-free objects relative to the base station, wall materials of the site building, installation height of the protective cover, installation specifications, etc. Other factors should also be paid attention to. cell phone jammer

Each antenna has a frequency band identifier, which must correspond to the frequency band identifier on the host. Before the shield is turned on, it must be ensured that each antenna is connected reliably. Do not use the device without an antenna. It is normal for the surface temperature to rise above 40 degrees after the shielding is operated for a long time. Block Voice Mail On Cell Phone The normal installation height is 1.8 meters to 2.5 meters. Install it in a location where there are no obstacles between the target shielding area and the target shielding area. If the antenna needs to be vertically upward in the wall-mounted installation; when placing the table, the antenna can be folded 90 degrees and then vertically upward. During use, in order to avoid possible interference to some electronic devices, the following commonly used equipment should be used to keep 1~2 meters.

Copper Mesh To Block Cell Phone Shields The Signal Separately Pf0030-C Cell Phone Jammer Mainly Affects Electronic Equipment