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Voice Keeper Cell Phone Scrambler Serves The College Entrance Examination

Perfectjammer 2022/01/07

On the morning of December 11, 2007, at the "2008 Provincial General College Entrance Examination Online Registration Work Training Meeting" held in Jiujiang, Secretary Cao Zhenglong of the Jiangxi Provincial College Entrance Examination Admissions Committee proposed: According to the "requirements of the Ministry of Education to speed up the construction of standardized test centers and test rooms", In 2008, it is proposed that the province, city and county will invest in proportion to purchase Voice Keeper Cell Phone Scrambler to be placed in the college entrance examination center and examination room, and one set will be placed in every two examination rooms. It is reported that our province has used mobile phone jammers in the adult college entrance examination and the national postgraduate entrance examination, but it is the first time in our province to place Cell Phone Jammer to serve the general college entrance examination. The mobile phone jammer has a powerful electromagnetic signal interference function, which can block abnormal wireless communication inside and outside the examination room, effectively prevent and crack down on mobile phone violations and cheating, maintain a good test style and discipline, and provide an important guarantee for the fairness and justice of the college entrance examination.

The meeting was presided over by the deputy director of the Office of the Admissions Committee for the College Entrance Examination, and the use of Voice Keeper Cell Phone Scrambler to strengthen the examination was attended by directors and relevant personnel of high-level admissions offices in cities and counties across the province. The meeting kicked off the 2008 Jiangxi Province college entrance examination enrollment work. The meeting made a serious summary and exchange of the achievements and existing problems of the college entrance examination registration work in previous years, discussed and passed the "2008 regular college admissions work schedule", clarified the six reforms of the college entrance examination admissions work in 2008, and made a Technicians recruited at all levels in the province have conducted training on the use of online registration software. The college entrance examination registration work involves a wide range, great influence, and heavy workload. In 2008, it is estimated that there will be more than 400,000 candidates in Jiangxi Province. Candidates and their parents can learn about the "2008 General College Admissions Schedule" and other related information through the "High Recruitment Channel of Education Network".