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Cell Phone Jammer Simple Circuit

Perfectjammer 2021-09-23

Cell Phone Jammer Simple Circuit

As we all know, people do not need to block all cell phone signals under all circumstances. Sometimes they just want to block certain cell phone frequency bands and affect the work of other frequency bands. In the past, such a goal may be difficult to achieve, because there are very few Cell Phone Jammer Simple Circuit designs with adjustable buttons, but now if you need to determine the shielding distance and shielding frequency according to the actual situation, you can use an adjustable signal blocker to help you, here You will have the opportunity to look at this "5-antenna adjustable 4G mobile phone signal jammer", and then you will know more details about this 4G mobile phone jammer and get the overall information. This is a 4G mobile phone signal jammer, which can cut off CDMA, GSM, DCS, PCS and 4G signals at the same time you need it. On the other hand, this4G mobile phone jammer is also called an adjustable mobile phone jammer, because you can determine which frequency band to block by adjusting the power of the frequency band, because this 4G mobile phone jammer is equipped with adjustable buttons. With this design, each of the 5 frequency bands can be individually controlled, so it is very convenient for those in need. cell phone jammer You will not hear annoying phone ringing. When you meet your friends, avoid everyone staring at the screen without talking

We need to know the similarities of the current electronic cheating methods, that is, no matter how they cheat, they all need to send and receive information in the examination room, but this kind of behavior needs to be carried out in an environment with communication signals. , And because the exam Cell Phone Jammer Simple Circuit has shielded the communication signal, they naturally can’t cheat. For this reason, the current exam cell phone signal jammer is already a "frequent visitor" in major schools, and more and more Examination rooms have vigorously promoted and used this equipment. Now is the time when the college entrance examination is about to come. Many schools are looking for a high-performance test mobile jammer. Only better shielding effect can fully guarantee the order and stability of the examination room. In order to allow candidates to be in an orderly manner. Exams in the environment, here can provide customers with high-quality and professional mobile phone jammers, with many years of professional experience, it is worthy of favor and choice.

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