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High Power Handheld Drone UAV Signal Jammer With Sight Rail and 1/4 inch Tripod Mounting Hole, Build In Directional Antennas Block Up To 1500m


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Technical Specifications

Channel Output Port Frequency range Average out-putting power
1 RC5.8G 5725-5850MHz 43dbm / 20W
2 RC2.4G 2400-2500MHz 43dbm / 20W
3 GPSL1 and Glonass L1 1560-1620MHz 43dbm / 20W
4 RC868+915 868-915MHz 43dbm / 20W
5 GPSL2+L5 1170-1280MHz 43dbm / 20W
Option RC5.2G 5150-5350MHz 43dbm / 20W
Option GPSL2+L5 1170-1280MHz 43dbm / 20W
Parameter Name Parameter Details
Model JAX-D5
Color Black
Power supply AC adapter 50 to 60Hz, (AC110- 240V to DC24-28V)
Build-in battery 24V/4.8Ah
Working Time 60 minutes
Total Power 70W
Shielding Radius 300-1500 meters,Still depends on the distance of drone and remote control
Dimension (length, width, height ) 260*260*135mm
Net weight 3.0kg
Packing size 420 x 380 x 210mm
Gross weight 7kg
Warranty one year from delivery date

Product Informations

Portable directional handheld drone (UAV) jammer that is designed to be compact for easy carrying use. with built in directional antenna and battery for 60 minutes operation time. It is best suited for military special operations teams, police, security forces that are deployed in different situations. Specialized to block 2.4Ghz,5.8G,5.2G 868/915MHz and GPS,Glonass, Beidou satellite signals that use most of commercial UAV Drones for their remote controls. The effective blocking range is up to 1500 meters. The jamming distance always depending on the distance of drone and remote control, there is the different defense range for different drone model.
Each band separate and with LED indicator lights display on drone Jammer is implementation that greatly improves functionality and safety of operators as well as potential targets.
When drone is spotted and jammed, it will hoover for some time, and proceed to slow landing. That can cause dangerous situation if drone caries explosives, bio weapons or similar. By turn off the GPSL1 L2L5 band, drone will get immediate internal command to go back to take-off site and land there. This will give you a visual trace and possible drone operator capture while dangerous load is out off protected area.  

Basic Specifications:
Jam Signal Type:
1.Drones RC2.4G+RC5.8GHz+GPSL1+GPSL2/L5+RC868/915 or RC5.2G Signals
Output Power:Total 70W,10-20W each band
Jam Radius:up to 1500 meters
Power Supply:AC110-240V to DC24-28V
Cooling System:High efficiency aluminum alloy radiator+ cooling fans
Working Time:Build-in battery: 24V4.8Ah, Working Time:60 minutes
Product Size:260*260*135 mm
Product Weight: N.W:3.0kg
Package Contents:Jammer Host x 1, Battery Charger x1, AC Plug x1, Sight Rail x1. Sight x1(option), Tripod x1(option)

Handheld or mounting on camera tripod of 1/4 inch hole used.
Output power total 70w, Build-in High gain Panel directional antennas, shielding up to 1500m.
Each unit can jam up to 5 frequency bands simultaneously, each frequency band is Separate, LED indicator lights display power supply.
Built-in Battery, Continuous operating time around 60 Minutes,Battery capacity and charger stative display via LED screen.
Equip with quadruple telescope to find and shield the drone far away.
Portable safe case to pack devices for portable.

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