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Military Portable Cell Phone blocker

$1036.20$681.00 Product Details

I am the teacher here. After getting the cell phone portable jammer , I live a happy and relaxed life, which will keep the students in order in the classroom. And less cheating! Benefit a lot! It's really good luck, you can also try it if you are interested.

Review Military Portable Cell Phone blocker

Date Added: 01/22/2021 by Douglas Anthony

In the past two years, I have seen this misfortune, and I really did not expect it to be sold. This is my second purchase. The style is more classic. I recommend it to everyone. really good

Date Added: 12/15/2020 by Bakshi Shubhankar

With powerful functions, it can cut off the WiFi signal of such jammers and mobile phones.

Date Added: 11/04/2020 by Konecna Michaela

It took about two weeks to arrive, which is not bad because it does not have a tracking number from China, but I am glad that it arrived in packaged form. The bubble burst, and the workers tested in their homes ten meters away to restore their happiness.

Date Added: 10/02/2020 by Cawley Steven

Send it home super fast! Used in traffic during my daily commute. When other people's phones are not working, I like the confused expressions on other drivers' faces! I want longer battery life. When the price drops, I hope to switch to a 4G jammer!

Date Added: 09/22/2020 by Newulis JOHN

After testing, I can say that it exceeds my expectations of scope and effectiveness. Put my laptop in the same room with the router and mobile phone at one end of the house, and place a jammer at the other end. Even in a few walls and rooms, the laptop cannot access the Internet normally. very good!

Date Added: 09/10/2020 by Macrellis James

Shipment is much faster, but it worked well last time, but the internal battery has not tested the range, but the whole house has used it and it works fine

Date Added: 08/31/2020 by Murray Jeffrey

I have used one of these mini devices for many years, but noticed that many 4G signals were not blocked, so I upgraded to this device. I miss this small unit without an antenna extension, but this one is small enough to fit in my pocket without too much volume, it will knock down all signals.

Date Added: 08/01/2020 by nagy jesse

It works exactly the same as advertised. If the distance is close enough, BT will also be eliminated. The sales staff and technical support are really great. Don't let the lack of purchasing options scare you. They ship the fastest, the fastest I have ever seen. The product comes with a very beautiful box, magnetic lid and world-class packaging. It has a very good structure and is obviously proud. They are honest people, and they provide honest products at reasonable prices.

Date Added: 05/26/2020 by Lamb Jared

This thing works well indoors. It works well in restaurants, but sometimes it takes a minute to eliminate the signal. An office worker stammered outside with his mobile phone for 20 minutes. I think it's time to go back to work. Turn it on and she was 10 feet away and killed her phone in just a few seconds. It doesn't work well in my car, but it may be that the windshield is blocking some signals. For some mobile phones, it can work within a few seconds, while for other phones, it cannot work. I like to interfere with the cells of some of the women driving, if I bought a more powerful device.

Date Added: 03/20/2020 Chesbrough Michael

After the jammer was activated, all doubts were eliminated. Very good range. Work as promised. I have recommended it to all my friends. This unit makes me happy.

Date Added: 11/05/2019 by Garcia Luis

Excellent equipment. Work as shown in the advertisement. The fan is completely quiet. The suitcase is very good value for money and well made. Very satisfied with this purchase. I bought it for classroom use and found it to be great in many other environments.