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Jammers They Prevent Accurate Vehicle Tracking

Perfectjammer 2022/08/31

  A jammer is an electronic device that interferes with GPS signals in its vicinity. Their power output can generate interference bubbles up to 300 meters long.

Jammers They Prevent Accurate Vehicle Tracking

  Jammers work by reducing or blocking signals transmitted bygps jammer, GLONASS vehicle trackers. However, some vehicle trackers integrate with the car or truck's bus and send updates over the mobile network every few seconds. This type of jammer will not interfere with vehicle trackers that use the GSM telephone network to determine their location.

  The first line of defense against interference is your antenna. Having an antenna capable of blocking signals from lower horizontal lines is essential. This is because the valid signal comes from a higher angle.

  Jammers prevent GPS vehicles from tracking satellite signals of their location, which can make accurate vehicle tracking difficult, if not impossible. Additionally, jamming can interfere with law enforcement's ability to find stolen vehicles. Disruptions can also disrupt a company's entire program or bottom line. That's why fleet owners should pay close attention to modifications to their vehicles.

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