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Jammers lead to insufficient integrity of GPS remote information

Perfectjammer 2022/08/30

  GPS jammers and other signal blockers are a serious security risk to fleet managers because they prevent accurate vehicle tracking. They also interfere with data logging and monitoring. Jammers also compromise the integrity of GPS and telematics hardware, making fleet vehicles vulnerable to hacking. This could increase safety and security concerns across the fleet.

Jammers lead to insufficient integrity of GPS remote information

  To block GPS signals, you can buy GPS jamming gadgets online. These devices are easy to install and emit radio signals that interfere with GPS signals. Jammers can also interfere with cell phone signals. Since cell phones use GPS to communicate, cell phone jammers prevent the exchange of real-time location information. This data is critical for monitoring drivers. Cell phone jammers are ubiquitous online, but they are expensive compared to other alternatives.

  Jammers or devices that block GPS signals can be dangerous. In one case, a truck driver in New Jersey was fined by the Federal Communications Commission for allegedly using a GPS jammer to hide his location from the company.

  However, the use of jammers may be justified in some cases. A jammer might prevent a driver from receiving basic information about his vehicle's location, allowing him to avoid speeding tickets and police radar detection. They are legal in New Zealand and UK prisons under federal law.

  GPS jammers can plug into the vehicle's cigarette lighter or auxiliary power supply and block the GPS signal. The device can block signals up to ten meters. It's not too far, but it may interfere with GPS signals from other vehicles, such as the car next to you. If you are concerned about the safety of your vehicle, you can also install a signal shielding bag in your car. The devices can be purchased for as little as $60 and prevent police from tracking the devices.

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