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GPS jamming can destroy GPS tracking target information

Perfectjammer 2022/08/30

  For fleet managers, the ability to monitor drivers and vehicles is critical. However, jammers can interfere with GPS tracking devices, preventing accurate tracking. This can lead to inaccurate data on travel times and distances and can lead to fines, compliance audits and lost revenue.

GPS jamming can destroy GPS tracking target information

  GPS tracking devices provide fleet managers with a way to track the location and behavior of drivers. Without this data, fleet managers cannot ensure their drivers operate safely. Additionally, inaccurate tracking can lead to fines and compliance audits. It could also lead to a drop in revenue.

  Jammers can interfere with GPS signals by using high-power transmitters. It may also interfere with other legitimate communication devices. In most cases, GPS receivers rely on low-power microwave signals broadcast by GPS satellites. With GPS signal jammers, these signals are interfered with by higher power radio signals with shorter ranges. This effect is called deception.

  GPS jammers are easy to get. A simple Google search will yield dozens of websites selling GPS jammers. Still, it's important to know that GPS tracking devices are essential for emergency medical services, police departments, and military personnel. Additionally, Chinese, Russian and Iranian hackers are suspected of interfering with GPS tracking devices. This can have serious consequences if a company employee is mistaken for a foreign agent.

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