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Introduction Of Cell Phone Jammer

Barberi Daniela 2021-07-27

For the current mainstream frequency sweepIntroduction Of Cell Phone Jammer, when interfering with medium-strength communication signals, the effective interference radius is about 6m, the total transmission power is about 15W, the antenna gain is 2-3dB, and the safety distance is about 5m. It can be seen that in this case, most The health of participants will be affected by interference radiation. There are many reasons for this problem. In addition to the use of the aforementioned anti-interference technology, wide bandwidth, multiple frequency bands, and frequency sweeping interference methods, there are also provisions to combat small-scale fading and occlusion in the process of wireless signal propagation. Power margin. For jammers, the anti-jamming technology, bandwidth and frequency band, and wireless signal propagation characteristics of the communication system cannot be changed. cell phone jammer What can be changed is the method of interference and the object of interference. The most important thing is how to bypass the anti-interference design of the communication system.

The basic principle of a mobile phone jammer is to emit the same radio frequency signal as a mobile phone. Because the frequency is the same, the mobile phone cannot distinguish which signal is a regular base station signal, thus realizing "interference". As long as there are devices with the same frequency as the mobile phone, when the base station tries to connect to the mobile phone, it will make a lot of "noise". You will find that the signal sent by the mobile phone is not recognized, so you will refuse to communicate with the mobile phone. At present, the main principle of Introduction Of Cell Phone Jammer and signal interference is to emit huge noise in the frequency band used by the mobile phone, which interferes with the normal signal reception and transmission of the mobile phone. This small object is not only often used to prevent cheating in exams, but also can be used to prevent terrorist attacks politically and militaryly. However, mobile phone signal jammers are not like buying food, they are not bought casually, otherwise they may be illegal.