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Do Metal Trailers Block Cell Phone Signals Block Network

Perfectjammer 2022/05/13

Do Metal Trailers Block Cell Phone Signals

If the mobile phone signal is not good, Do Metal Trailers Block Cell Phone Signals may have been installed. The purpose is to let everyone install broadband. Is this true? There are also many people who are skeptical about this issue. Friends who live in urban villages can observe more. I don’t know if you have noticed that the mobile phone signal is often poor or no signal indoors where you live, but the outdoor mobile phone signal is very good. In particular, the signal used to be very good and can be used normally, but recently the mobile phone signal is not good, or there is no signal, then it is possible that cell phone jammer has been installed. Why would someone install a cell phone signal jammer? Some urban villages can basically install only one or two broadband networks, and no other broadband can come in. For the sake of profit and performance, there may be some crooked ideas. Now 4G and 5G network speeds are very fast, and mobile phone traffic alone can meet the needs of most people. No one needs to install broadband wifi. Some people even have unlimited mobile phone traffic, so there is no need to install broadband.

Because there are two ways of Bluetooth and WiFi that are not blocked. Many people do not understand the difference between the three methods of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and mobile data. It seems that they are all wireless communication technologies. In fact, the difference between the three is mainly in the frequency band. In mobile communication technology, 2G mainly works in the 900-1700MHz band, 3G works in the 1900-2100MHz band, and 4G works in the 2300-2500MHz band. While Bluetooth and WiFi work at 2.4GHz. Full-featured Do Metal Trailers Block Cell Phone Signals It can already be hand-held size, which means that the aforementioned jammers that can block 2G, 3G and 4G cannot cover the frequency bands of Bluetooth and WiFi. So the jammer has evolved again. 2.4G is added to the range of interference to achieve interference and coverage of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. So far, there are several wireless communication methods commonly used in human society. All are completely covered. In the frequency band that can be predicted, the mobile phone signal jammer can better complete the task.

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