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What I'm going to tell you is that less sophisticated devices block only one set of frequencies, while complex Disruptor Cell Phones In My Classroom blocks multiple network types at the same time to prevent phones with two or three modes from automatically switching between different network types to Get an open signal to look for. Some high-end cell phone jammer devices block all frequencies at once, while others can tune to specific frequencies. Wells was quick to film the incident, as it wasn't the first time he had had issues with his phone. Less than a month ago, his Cessna suffered a similar failure in almost the same place. "By then, it was clear to me whether it was accidental or deliberate interference," he told IEEE Spectrum. "I wanted to track it down."

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High-Power Handheld 16-Band 5G Mobile Phone Jammer WIFI VHF/LOJACK GPS

The most popular 16-band high-power 5g jammer in 2021 can interrupt two signals at the same time, and can shield up to 25m. It is portable and can be easily adapted to multiple occasions.

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6 Bands All Cell Phone Signal Jammer 2G 3G 4G WiFi GPS

This 6 bands mobile phone signal blocker can jam al cell phone signal: 2G, 3G, 4G, WiFi, GPS. Is the best choice for school, the examination room, office. Can be isolated from the signal to ensure information security. Apply to all kinds of examination room, gas stations, churches, courts, libraries, conference centers, theaters, hospitals, military power and other places prohibit the use of mobile phones

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