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As we all know, sound is a wave that affects all objects, creating a certain pressure and transmitting vibrations to other media. It turns out that you can hear phone calls through window openings, ceilings, heating, ventilation, walls, etc. Acoustic noise can be used as both fixed and mobile cell phone jammer equipment during Cell Phone As A Marketplace Disruptor disturbances. This will help prevent information from leaking in other people's offices and premises.

Cell Phone As A Marketplace Disruptor

Cell Phone As A Marketplace Disruptor Products

Detachable Portable Gun-Type High-Power UAV Jammer

According to the different needs, we produce two different power of the drone countermeasure gun, low power 25W, high power 60W, specific frequency and price as follows.This signal shield can efficiently block the signal connection between the drone and the remote control, forcing the drone to land or return to flight in just a dozen seconds.

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N8N Military High Power Portable GPS WiFi Lojack Cell Phone Jammer

This is a new 8-band portable military diy cell phone signal jammer. It has a very large jamming range. It can be hung from the arm and is very portable. With a separate control button, you can choose the frequency band you want to jam. It easy to carry, Pocket-size, Hang or wear on the arm or belt. Has high output power, Can shield all common phone signal around radius 5-40m. Each band can work separately or simultaneously with switch to turn ON/OFF

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What is the principle of mobile phone signal jammer? In fact, when we use the jammer, you will find that it can really target our mobile phone signal and form a kind of interference. In the past, we could use the signal to promote communication, but when After we use Cell Phone As A Marketplace Disruptor , you will find that the signals around us have lost their meaning and become garbled codes, and garbled codes have no way to transmit and convert information, so when we use mobile phone signal jammers , it can indeed convert all signals into garbled characters. When we are using information to transmit, we will also find that the principle of mobile phone signal jammer appears around us again. One of its major features is that it can turn the signal into blank. Maybe in the past period of time, we Signals can be used to transmit all kinds of information. When we block all signals, all the information will disappear. In this way, all communication tools will become waste, even if we plan to use traffic to complete information. There is no way to achieve this, because when the information is shielded, not only the signal can be shielded, but also the traffic information can be added and all eliminated.