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We need to know the power of this home Lady Ada Cell Phone Disruptor test, because it is divided into 12W, 16W and 18W, the effective range produced by different power is different. If it's just a small achievement, it's usually for free space. It can be used in a small area only the size of a classroom. However, if you want it to pass through the wall, there is no shielding effect after actually passing through the wall. Therefore, when choosing a low-power cell phone jammer , try not to pass through the wall. Each teacher is equipped with one, and if you pursue high performance, one machine can serve multiple classrooms. Overall, there are a lot of questions about buying a cell phone jammer. We are a manufacturer with a world-class technical support team and years of experience in researching and developing cell phone signal jammers. We have received a lot of cooperation. It is highly praised by customers, and it is trustworthy to prevent electronic fraud in the examination room. Cell phone jammers have become an inevitable choice. Buy listening devices that can detect hidden cameras around you. Cell phone jammers are devices used to protect your rights.

Lady Ada Cell Phone Disruptor

Lady Ada Cell Phone Disruptor Products

N8P Portable 3G 4G GPS WiFi Lojack Cell Phone Jammer

This is a mini portable mobile phone signal jammer that can be used outdoors for a long time. It has a large capacity battery of 8000 mah. With the extended antenna, it has a larger interference range than other 8-way handheld jammers.

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Desktop 12 Bands High Power Cell Phone Jammers WIFI LOJACK

This is a high power multi band jammer. It can jamming all cell phone signals, DCS, GPS, WiFi, VHF/UHF, Lojack. It has a jamming range of up to 70 meters. Can adapt to the needs of many occasions. Very high cost performance, it's cheaper and better quality than similar products. This device has stable performance and strong interference ability.

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After having such a prison Lady Ada Cell Phone Disruptor , our jurisdiction will inevitably become more ideal and more formal. Although we don't know which person has a communication tool, such a small mobile phone jammer can Turn the communication tools in the hands of the other party into waste, and make the communication tools lose all value. As we all know, in prisons and other places, people's normal communication is limited to a certain extent. We can communicate face-to-face, but when we talk There may be a problem of information leakage. In order to create a safer prison environment, most high-end prisons will actively adopt this type of high-tech products.