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Cell Phone Jammer Project Report Pdf Mask Data Signal

Perfectjammer 2022/05/12

Cell Phone Jammer Project Report Pdf

Now is the time. In the case of large and medium-sized examination questions, the school must use the test Cell Phone Jammer Project Report Pdf to prevent students from cheating on their mobile phones. Therefore, the school needs to install some test cell phone jammer s around the classroom before the test, but the school buys it. Which mobile phone jammer should I buy? If you are the person responsible for the purchase of the school, pay special attention to the following points: Is there a communication base station around the school. In the process of engineering construction, we often see customers tell everyone that the mobile phone signal jammer will have practical effects. 2G3G can be shielded, in other words, the data signal of voice calls can be shielded, but the data signal of 4G cannot be shielded. In fact, the electric power of each mobile phone signal jammer is different. Generally, the output power of 4G1 and 4G2 is around 2W, in other words, 33db. If there is a communication base station within 200 meters, such a device, that is, 4G data signal shielding. It will also happen, and customer feedback will have actual results.

Signal jammers are built to block the operation of communication equipment. The machine equipment uses the power of the mobile phone in operation, so it cannot affect the function of the mobile phone according to the data signal received by the communication base station. If you want to disable the normal use of your phone, simply install Cell Phone Jammer Project Report Pdf and the phone will stop receiving calls and messages within a special radius. The cell phone signal jammer is a unique machine equipment. It will assist you against 5G, UMTS, CDMA, GMS, PHS internet. You can carry a cell phone text blocker with you because it's very compact and easy to hide. The built-in rechargeable battery allows you to use the text blocker for 5 hours. The facility has wireless antennas that you can use to adjust the jam radius. This cell phone signal jammer is safe because it contains radiation sources and is not easy to harm your health. Cell phone jammers work well for everyone, as this is also a multipurpose machine. For example, cell phone jammers are especially suitable for colleges and universities. If the teacher turns on the cell phone jammer in the classroom, using the cell phone jammer can ensure that there is no chance of cheating problems during the test period. Students' mobile phones will be blocked and they will not be able to receive standard answer messages. In addition, the cell phone jammer can help the boss to control the work of the employees. Therefore, your employees are less likely to be distracted by job information.

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