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Block Telemarketing Calls On Cell Phones Can Be Blocked For A Long Time

Perfectjammer 2022/05/12

Block Telemarketing Calls On Cell Phones

Of course, in addition to the possibility that Block Telemarketing Calls On Cell Phones will affect the mobile phone signal, it is also very likely that a signal amplifier is installed, causing signal confusion and poor mobile phone signal. The houses in urban villages are dense and the signal coverage is insufficient. Some building areas may have poor or no signal. In order to retain tenants, the landlord will install signal amplifiers. If there are too many signal amplifiers, the signal will be chaotic and the signal will not be good. . As for those places where signal amplifiers are not installed, the signal is rather poor, and there is even a situation where the signal cannot access the Internet, or the network is very stuck. In this case, the network has been robbed. After three years of meticulous work, the BQX-7B smartphone signal detection and shielding machine is also known as the magic machine in the cell phone jammer field. The BQX-7A smartphone signal shielding machine can be shielded for a long time, more energy-saving, no radiation The seven-channel frequency hopping transmission design ensures that the uplink frequency will not be affected and the base station will not be interfered with

At present, some technologies on the market are mainly concentrated in the frequency band that the walkie-talkie can receive. Some people with ulterior motives have also developed a transmission system that can break through Block Telemarketing Calls On Cell Phones based on the walkie-talkie frequency band. Whether it is exam cheating or other illegal uses such as eavesdropping, they are all targets of such communication systems. In this scenario, the cell phone signal jammer cannot play a corresponding role. Drones are used to detect and locate signal sources but we are not helpless. The best way to deal with this kind of scene is actually signal detection and positioning, taking the initiative to locate the signal source of a specific frequency band and arrest the criminal suspect. Therefore, during the normal college entrance examination, all radio waves near the college entrance examination room are actually recorded. Once there is a possible signal that is not recorded, the radio wave will be quickly locked by the active investigation system. Arrested by police officers. Multipoint positioning can determine the location of the signal source.

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