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Cell Phone Jammer For Trucks

Perfectjammer 2021-08-24

Cell Phone Jammer For Trucks

In some occasions, the person who needs to shut down or switch to a silent state needs to be agreed by the other party. If there is a consensus, there is no problem. However, if this Cell Phone Jammer For Trucks device is installed and mobile communication is forcibly prohibited, it can be regarded as "unconstitutional." Article 40 of my country’s Constitution stipulates: “The freedom of communication and confidentiality of communications of citizens of the People’s Republic of China are protected by law. Except for the needs of national security or the pursuit of criminal offenses, public security organs or procuratorial organs shall inspect communications in accordance with legal procedures. , No organization or individual can infringe on citizens’ freedom of communication and confidentiality for any reason." cell phone jammer It is also officially listed as a prohibited item by the state and cannot be used or sold by individuals without permission.

Yesterday, when interviewed by reporters, the relevant staff of Shenzhen Radio Administration Bureau clearly pointed out that Cell Phone Jammer For Trucks is a kind of radio jamming equipment, and it is illegal to sell and use it without the approval of relevant departments. "At present, only secret-related units can use mobile communication jammers with the approval of relevant departments when holding confidential meetings." In addition, Shenzhen also prohibits other units from developing, producing, and installing mobile communication jammers with the exception of units specifically authorized by the State Secrecy Bureau. Radio jammer. The Ministry of Information Industry of the People’s Republic of China issued the "Notice on Prohibiting the Illegal Development, Production and Use of Radio Interference Equipment" in June 2001, which clearly stated that "blocking mobile phones to dial in and out within a certain range, this kind of equipment is in the community The use of this disrupted the order of radio waves and severely violated the legal freedom of communication of mobile phone users, which must be stopped in accordance with the law."

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