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Block Numbers From Childs Cell Phone Blocking Works Very Well

Perfectjammer 2022/05/02

Block Numbers From Childs Cell Phone

An official from Guangdong Film Company said that after seeing the report, the company expressed interest. Once such equipment is installed in Hong Kong cinemas, they will follow suit, the person said. According to the person, although cinemas in Guangzhou will play a prompt "Please turn off mobile phones and pagers" before the opening, many viewers will not actively adjust their communication tools to vibrate, let alone turn them off. A reporter recently conducted an investigation at Tianhe Film and Television City and found that during the show time of more than an hour, about 50 audience members actually owned about 10 mobile phone ringtones, and many audience members complained about this. Although there is no specific date for the installation Block Numbers From Childs Cell Phone , the person said that if it is decided to install it, it will be installed in cinemas across the city. It is understood that Guangzhou Xinghai Concert Hall has also set up a similar cell phone jammer in some high-level concerts, and the effect is good.

The concert hall is a very self-contained small space. It has a very elegant musical and artistic vibe. The audience watched the concert and had a very good experience. Introduce Block Numbers From Childs Cell Phone in this position. Create this new environment. Manage cell phone signal for set time. Bring a musical feast to the audience. A device that is out of service can hang up the phone by emitting interfering radio waves from the phone. If the frequencies are different, there will be no interference. The range of the communication suppression effect is limited to confined spaces. When using it, you need to pay attention to the specific operation method. There are some differences in the different uses of the product. You need to be aware of these specific uses. You must understand the principle of cell phone signal jammers to ensure the shielding effect, so as to meet the needs of customers at work. Develop targeted cell phone jammers.

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