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Best Cell Phone Jammer 4G

Perfectjammer 2021-07-11

Best Cell Phone Jammer 4G

What many people don't know is that there is one thing that may affect the effect of mobile phone jammers. This is a question that needs to be considered in the examination room. It is the base station, because the appearance of the base station will affect the effect of Best Cell Phone Jammer 4G . Of course, this means that it is within 500 meters of the examination room. If it is outside 500, it will not cause any impact. As for why it is affected, it is because of the base station itself It has a strong magnetic field, and the strength of the magnetic field will affect the shielding effect of the test mobile phone signal jammer, so when it is put into use in the test room, you may wish to actually use it first to check the actual shielding range, and then according to This actual data is used to determine how many machines are needed. This must be paid attention to, otherwise there will be places that are not blocked. However, regardless of whether the test mobile jammer will be affected, a more superior and more professional machine is a must. We can provide high-performance professional mobile jammers here. We have many years of research and development experience and a professional team. Friends who want to completely eliminate cheating are welcome to contact. cell phone jammer

In fact, similar instruments have appeared long ago, but the technology was not so advanced at that time. Although such a machine appeared, the effect was very mediocre. Of course, the signal of the mobile phone was not so complicated at that time. As a result, even with the existence of artifacts, it is not so good to solve the problem. But now it is different. The speed of technological development is very fast, so, like this Best Cell Phone Jammer 4G , the scope of blocking is becoming wider and wider. At present, the mobile phone jammer in the examination room is suitable for various examination rooms, such as the fourth and sixth level, such as the high school entrance examination or the civil service examination. Their shielding range is usually about 50 meters, generally one machine in a classroom is enough. However, a larger classroom requires a few more units. Basically, after using a mobile phone signal jammer, there will be some impact on the surroundings. However, it will not affect the health of teachers and students, so don't worry. Among the relatively good mobile phone jammer production companies in China, our company is a company specializing in security. It has been producing mobile phone signal jammers in examination rooms for many years, with rich experience and very reliable quality. Applicable to different companies and schools, effectively controlling costs.

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